MAARAV, A Journal for the Study of the Northwest Semitic Languages and Literatures,
is devoted to the rigorous, prudent treatment of the corpus of Northwest Semitic texts.
Its articles have a strong linguistic, philological and literary emphasis, although manuscripts on history,
archaeology, religion and culture will be seriously considered, particularly if they have a strong textual interest.

As of the 2023 Volume, Maarav will be published by The University of Chicago Press and   
the American Society of Overseas Research (ASOR).  We are currently in the process of transition.
Please click here for a link to ASOR and The University of Chicago Press.  

We can also be reached by email.

Special Volumes

Volume 12.1-2, a special double issue, Judge and Society in Antiquity, edited by Aaron Skaist and Bernard M. Levinson.

Volume 18.1-2 (2011), a special double issue in memory of Raymond Westbrook, Law and Diplomacy in the Ancient Near East and the Mediterranean World: The Raymond Westbrook Memorial Volume, edited by Anselm C. Hagedorn and Bruce Wells (ISBN 978-0-9856142-0-1).

Volume 20.1 (2013), Kuntillet 'Ajrud: Iron Age Inscriptions and Iconography, edited by Brian B. Schmidt (ISBN 978-0-9856142-1-8).

Volume 21.1-2 (2014), a special double issue presented to Aaron Demsky,"And Inscribe the Name of Aaron": Studies in Bible, Epigraphy, Literacy and History, edited by Yigal Levin and Ber Kotlerman (ISBN 978-0-9856142-2-5).

Volume 23.1 (2019), Communicating through the Material in the Ancient World, edited by Emily Cole and Alice Mandell (ISBN 978-0-9856142-3-2).

Volume 24.1-2 (2020), Law, Society, and Religion: Essays in Memory of George E. Mendenhall,
edited by Bernard M. Levinson (ISBN 978-0-9856142-4-9, 9780985614249)

Volume 25.1-2 (2020), Zimrat JAH: A Tribute to Jo Ann Hackett, edited by Jonathan Kaplan and Na'ama Pat-El (ISBN 978-0-9856142-5-6) 



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